Home - luxury plastic surgery in thailand - My Beauty Trip Thailand start the next chapter of your life
Home - luxury plastic surgery in thailand - My Beauty Trip Thailand start the next chapter of your life
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Thailand has some of the world’s best cosmetic surgery facilities. It’s also one of the world’s most vibrant and beautiful travel destinations. At my beauty trip™ , we give you the best of both.

A message from our Medical Director

Welcome to my beauty trip


I have been managing 12 cosmetic surgery clinics here in Thailand for over 9 years now, with thousands of satisfied customers both domestic and foreign. So much so that we started my beauty trip™ as a full-service cosmetic surgery tourism provider, in order to make our services available to even more people around the world.


There are two things we’re extremely proud of. The first is our skills at the surgical procedures that transform our customers into their true selves. All at the highest standards of cosmetic surgery, for an affordable price.


The second is our very own country of Thailand, one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. We’re eager for you to experience our culture, our sights and sounds and tastes, and have the time of your life while you recuperate.


We may not have the lowest prices. But you can be sure that we have the highest standards of quality in our doctors, our procedures, the quality implants and materials we use. Our goal is to offer luxury procedures and facilities at a very affordable price. What you pay for will be well spent.


So let us give you the look you’ve always wanted. Then let us host you in 5-star luxury as you enjoy our beautiful country.


Let us transform you, inside and out – and start the next chapter of your life.


– Dr. Nuttorn Narupaves MD



You can have your long sought-after cosmetic procedure done, as well as a dream holiday for two in Thailand and we can give the highest quality.


Your cosmetic surgery procedure will be much more affordable in Thailand, due to the lower cost of living.


We have packages for both Bangkok and Phuket, with lots to see and do and wonderful places to relax and recuperate.


We will assist to seamlessly blend your medical procedures with the most relaxing holiday, as well as a Thai-English speaking Personal Attendant during your stay.


Latest Technology

Our hospitals are on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery technology – and you’ll be the beneficiary.


Scenic Vistas

Imagine waking up to this view every morning, even as you’re recovering from major cosmetic surgery.


5-Star Facilities

Thailand’s standard of medical care is among the highest in the world. You’ll be very well taken care of.


Experienced Surgeons

Our cosmetic surgery professionals are some of the world’s best – and yes, they’re based in Thailand.


Rest & Relaxation

If a long recovery period is the cost of cosmetic surgery, why not spend it during a relaxing Thai holiday?


5-Star Luxury

No less than 5-star accommodation for you. Relax and recuperate in luxury and comfort.


We have packages for both Bangkok and Phuket, two very popular tourists destinations in Thailand with lots to see and do and wonderful places to relax and recuperate. And our clinics in both locations are world-class

Phuket is an island with gorgeous beaches, clear blue seas and stunning views. Bangkok is an exotic, cosmopolitan city with temples, palaces, markets, great restaurants and delicious street food. Either would be the perfect place to recuperate from your cosmetic surgery in 5-star luxury while you enjoy the holiday of your life.