A Review Of Regenera Activa Results - My Beauty Trip Thailand
A Review Of Regenera Activa Results - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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A Review Of Regenera Activa Results

A Review Of Regenera Activa Results

In this article we will take a look at a new stem cell hair growth procedure which has been attracting attention online recently.

I decided to create this post due to the multiple inquires I’ve received over the last few months from readers who are interested in learning more about Regenera Activa. This topic has grown in popularity after the Daily Mail published an article in August describing the stories of patients who have had positive outcomes with the treatment.

Before we get into the photo results section, let’s first review what the Regenera Activa (also called Rigenera) procedure is. It begins by extracting three tissue samples from the back of scalp. The tissue samples are extracted with a 2.5 mm hole punch from the bottom of the donor scalp, also known as the nape section. The samples are essentially large FUE extractions and contain several hair follicles each, as well as the surrounding fat and vascular tissue. The tissue samples are then placed into the Rigenera machine and mechanically grinded into a solution. Stem cells from the hair follicles, fat, and blood are filtered by the machine and are extracted into a needle syringe. The stem cell-containing solution is then injected into the scalp in a similar fashion to PRP. Besides its use in androgenic alopecia, Rigenera is also used for wound healing and the treatment of vitiligo.


Rigenera Machine

When I first heard about this procedure I was not sure how effective it would be because the technique seemed unorthodox. However, since then, I’ve heard from two reputable hair doctors that they have seen some interesting results from the Regenera procedure.This is not a claim that the treatment is a success or any kind of endorsement, however it adds some merit for the interim.

Regenera Activa Results From Various Clinics

After browsing through numerous Regenera results which are available online, I found the following images to be the most consistent in terms of before and after conditions (lighting, angle, etc.) from what was available. I also found these images to show varying degrees of conclusive hair improvement.


For now, the Rigenera procedure is still considered new in the hair loss field and does not have an established identity among physicians and the consumer base. The purpose of this post was to simply take a look at the procedure and begin a discussion on it. Over time, the verdict will become more clear, but it could be said that this procedure holds potential to be an alternative or adjunct to PRP therapy. In the near future I plan to publish the accounts of a popular US based hair transplant surgeon who has been incorporating Regenera Activa into his practice.

Published in Follicle Thought [Edited] October 26, 2019

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