About luxury plastic surgery in Thailand - My Beauty Trip Thailand
About luxury plastic surgery in Thailand - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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About our luxury plastic surgery in Thailand

Cosmetic surgery can radically improve your self-confidence, but the downside is a period of several days’ recuperation before the results can be seen. The length of time required varies with every cosmetic procedure.

With My beauty tripTM, you can spend your recuperation time in exotic, faraway Thailand. After all, why not make a holiday of it with a loved one, instead of holing up at home? Even if your recovery requires you to stay indoors, you’ll be in the lap of 5-star luxury. We’ll even provide you with a food delivery service, so that you can enjoy meals from the best restaurants in town, delivered right to your door.

Here are some common surgery procedures and their respective recovery periods. Please note that individual recovery times may vary, and it’s best to heed your surgeon’s recommendation – the following is just a guide.

  • Breast surgery – Breast lifts and augmentations typically require 1-2 weeks of recovery, depending on the type of incision and placement of the implant.
  • Body contouring – Recovery time for liposuction depends on the extent of the treatment area. Procedures that require only local anesthetic can be recovered from within a week. Tummy tucks will typically require 2 weeks.
  • Rhinoplasty – Rhinoplasty procedures take between 1 to 2 weeks to recover from, either when the bandages are removed or when the scars have subsided more.
  • Facial surgery – For facelifts, your face will recover from bruises and swelling within 2 weeks.