About Us - Luxury plastic surgeons and clinics in Thailand - My Beauty Trip Thailand
About Us - Luxury plastic surgeons and clinics in Thailand - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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About Us

Medical tourism is a rapidly growing global industry, driven by lower costs of medical treatments and surgeries in developing countries with equal, if not higher, standards of expertise than Western nations. What this means is that you could have your long sought-after cosmetic procedure done, as well as a dream holiday for two in Thailand. All this for up to 60% less than the cost of the procedure alone, if you were to have it in your country.

At my beauty tripTM, we’re here to make that dream come true. We comprise 12 of Thailand’s best cosmetic surgery clinics in Bangkok and Phuket, with a dream team of doctors and experts that collectively offer many years of experience.

As a full-service cosmetic surgery tourism provider, we’ll be with you from your initial consultation to the day you fly home. At every step in between, you’ll be reassured of world-class, English-speaking cosmetic professionals performing your chosen procedure.

And on every day of your trip, we’ll be on hand to make sure you not only recover in comfort and luxury, but also have the best holiday of your life.

What We Can Do For You

Your journey with us begins with a free online consultation. Fill in our enquiry form and indicate the procedure you’re interested to have done.

Next, you’ll be directed to upload pictures of yourself and the relevant areas. Our surgery team will evaluate these pictures and email you a personal recommendation within 48 hours, along with a quote.

This quote will include a reservation at a 5-star hotel close to one of our clinics in either Bangkok or Phuket, for a stay commensurate with the recommended recovery time of the procedure. And it won’t be a reservation for one; you can bring a companion with you for free. We even have complimentary vouchers for spa visits and other activities to enjoy.

Your stay begins the moment you arrive at the airport, where our Personal Attendant will pick you up, take you to the clinic and get you checked in. You’ll meet your doctor and his team, and they’ll walk you through your procedure and make sure you’ll be satisfied with the results. Don’t worry – they speak excellent English.

Once your procedure is done, you’ll move to your hotel to begin your recovery stay. Your Personal Attendant will be available 24 hours a day throughout your stay to answer any medical- or holiday-related inquiries – in fact, they’ll be just a phone call away on a specially provided mobile phone. All of Bangkok or Phuket, will be yours to enjoy along with your holiday companion. We even provide a food delivery service for when your recuperation requires you to stay indoors – after all, Thai food is one of Thailand’s best attractions. And you’ll have the highest standards in any kind of food you desire.

And yes, we made sure that my beauty tripTM is a trip for two, not one – because we know it’s not a dream holiday unless you can share it. Your companion’s stay will be included fully in your package.