Dental Solutions - My Beauty Trip Thailand
Dental Solutions - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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Dental Solutions


NEW Bright Smile 16 Veneers

Package (Excl. hotel) 138,000 THB $6,797
What is included in our Dental Bright Smile 16 Veneers Package Deal ?
(Code: NT 18-024)
✓ 16 High Quality Empress porcelain 16 Veneers
✓ 3-4 visits to the dentist
✓ Experienced Dentist
We are happy to quote you for accommodation.
Flight ticket not included.

This procedure will take approximately 7 days including recovery time, and can correct small imperfections such as spacing, color and crooked teeth.

The procedure involves grinding the teeth for approximately 1mm, following which our dentist will take an impression for the laboratory to make your new veneers. You will then be given interim veneers on your teeth.

Package 1 – 20 veneers

This popular package gives you 20 porcelain dental veneers. It comes with a 14-day stay in Bangkok, including 4 visits to our clinic.

Package 2 – 16 veneers / 4 crowns

This premium package comes with 16 high quality porcelain veneers and 4 zirconia porcelain dental crowns. It will also require a 14-day stay in Bangkok, with 4 visits to our clinic.

These are 2 examples of dental surgery packages that we offer in Thailand. Our dental surgeons can give you a more detailed plan after a proper X-ray during your first visit. Both the above packages use high quality porcelain veneers and the latest zirconia porcelain crowns.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers can remedy discolored teeth. Our dental surgeons are very adamant about using porcelain dental veneers. Composite veneers may be cheaper, but they crack much more often and stain much more easily.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are best suited for people who have a cracked tooth, a broken filling or have just had a root canal. We strongly recommend the new zirconia porcelain crowns, made of high quality porcelain on the outside and zircon on the inside.

Dental implants

You may have seen other cosmetic dental surgery providers offering same day implant procedures. We don’t – because we believe that replacing lost teeth takes much longer in order to ensure the best result. In fact, the process will take several months:

Step 1:

Upon your first visit to our clinic and following a full dental examination, we will determine a suitable treatment plan for you. Once it is determined that your bone is wide enough to support the implant, the procedure can proceed with inserting the implant screw into your mouth. You must then give time for the screw to integrate with the bone over a period of 3-4 months. This first step requires you to stay in Thailand for 1 week, including 2 visits to our clinic.

Step 2:

The next step involves fixing the crown to the implant screw. Once your doctor has ensured that the screw has integrated well with the bone, we will then take an impression for the crown, then proceed to attach the crown. This step will require a 2-week stay in Thailand.

In 20-30% of cases, some people may not have a bone big enough to support a dental implant screw. A bone graft can be performed in such cases, by grafting on artificial bone. This will require a healing period of 6-12 months before the first step of inserting the screw.

How do I get my cosmetic dental surgery in Thailand?

For dental veneers and crowns, you can fill up our free online consultation form and include clear pictures of your teeth. For dental implants, you have the option of getting a dental X-ray in your home country and sending it to us, or coming to Thailand where we will do your X-ray and come up with a suitable treatment plan.

What other factors can delay my dental procedure?

If you have an infected dental root that requires a root canal, be advised that this will add a minimum of 1 week to your treatment plan. If you have periodontal disease (i.e. red and sore gums), the necessary gum cleaning and treatment will add 2-3 weeks to your stay.

Other procedures

Our dentists can also perform ordinary dental procedures such as cleaning, whitening, filling or root canals. If you need any of these, just let us know.