Free Consultation - My Beauty Trip Thailand
Free Consultation - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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Get Your Free Consultation

    Kay Chanprasit

    Hello, I’m Kay Chanprasit. I’ll be your key contact person from now on. I’m an experienced dermatologist and cosmetologist, so I’ll be able to answer all your questions at every stage.

    I will assist to seamlessly blend your medical procedures with the most relaxing holiday. I can book your pre-operative consultation with your surgeon, all medical appointments, your hospital room, hotel accommodation and a completely personalized travel guide and recommendations. We also provide VIP transfers between the airport, hotel, and medical appointments as well as a Thai-English speaking Personal Attendant to look after you during your stay.

    On the other hand, if you prefer to be more independent and you like to make your own arrangements I will be happy to carry out an initial consultation to assess your needs, recommend the most appropriate hospital and surgeon in Thailand, book the surgery, put yourself in direct contact with the hospital, then leave the rest to yourself. However, please keep in mind that the accommodation and transfer services we offer in our packages will cover your companion for free.

    The best way to decide what’s the best cosmetic surgery procedure for you is to talk to our MD and his medical team, let them have a look at the area you want changed, and tell them what you want to achieve. You can do just that – even if we’re thousands of miles away from you.

    You can consult with us online by simply filling out an online form and uploading some specific pictures of yourself. Please follow our guidelines here. Within a few days, we’ll email you a reply with our recommended procedure, along with a package and a price quote. All for absolutely free.