Miradry - My Beauty Trip Thailand
Miradry - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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Our miraDry™ is an ideal additional treatment to have right after a major procedure, on the same trip.

What is miraDry?

miraDry is a new technology that helps to solve the problem of sweat and body odor in the underarm and other areas. Newest from USA by using energy microwave in the destruction of sweat glands and odor glands and can eliminate some hair follicles as well It is known as the technology that can solve the most comprehensive problems. Can also Solve problems for a lifetime Without needing to repeat many times And still have high security With permission from the Food and Drug Administration of the United States and Thailand or FDA Miradry without sweat without odor

Who is the miraDry™ suitable for?

  • People who want to substantially reduce sweat and body odor problems permanently
  • People with allergies to roll-on or other deodorants
  • People with extreme sweating in the armpit area Including those who were diagnosed with Hyperhidrosis
  • Those who do not want to sweat, disturb when exercising or playing sports
  • People who used to treat some types of deodorant before but want to change to miraDry because it is permanent
  • Out of the armpit area using a spray does not work well.
  • Strong smell even if taking a shower
  • People who have injected certain substances to reduce sweat or reduce armpit regularly. And want to save costs
  • People who are allergic to spray rollers or black armpits due to prolonged use of chemicals
  • People who like to wear perfume and don’t want the body odor to be distorted due to mix scent, spray, deodorant

Symptoms that miraDry can ease

Eliminate unwanted sweat problems
Sweating is a natural reaction that gives both positive and negative feelings. On the positive side, sweat is like a tool that helps to heat the body through the pores. It also helps to drive some toxins out of the skin as well. But when there is a lot of sweat at the time that you do not need it, it will cause an uncomfortable negative feeling.

Strong odor problem with roll-on allergies
Roll-on is a product that is specifically created to solve the problem of body odor which can be used very well In addition to eliminating disgusting body odor. There are also a variety of fragrance effects. It also has many by-products of smoothness and white skin, seems to be pretty. If there are no new issues occurring, then there is a problem with body odor, but it is allergic to roll-on.

Does miraDry really works?

In most cases, more than 90% of patients entering miraDry will get satisfactory results and achieved great success especially those who have never solved sweat problems And body odor with other surgical methods before, but sometimes for those who have performed surgery Or treat sweat problems, used to reduce sweat and reduce body odor by other methods such as surgery, sweat glands and scent glands, or even sweating sweat glands And scent glands before may result in less effective miraDry results Since the original treatment affects sweat glands and odor glands, there is a change.

Steps and methods of making miraDry

  • Guests must shave the area that will be done 3-4 days in advance.
  • The doctor will draw the position of anesthetic injection.
  • Start the process of miraDry using a period of approximately 40-50 minutes / side.

Benefits of making miraDry

  • Helps solve a lot of sweating problems under the arms. It very good
  • Can help reduce underarm odor problems
  • Can remove some hair roots at the same time
  • No surgery
  • Not hurt is a stable technology Resulting in exact results Equal
  • Most of them have results that solve problems permanently. (The results were with people)
  • Can do it and can go home
  • Potential complications
  • There may be a slight pain from anesthesia.
  • With a slight swelling after doing But can use everyday life as usual

The advantages of laser reduction, sweat and body odor MiraDry

  • No need to hurt the body without wounds. Traditionally, the removal of sweat glands from the body permanently requires only surgical procedures. Noted that surgery is small or large, and the pain is not different, while miraDry can produce the same results as surgery. But only using the process of firing waves into the skin No use of knives No blood loss And there is no wound to be maintained after treatment
  • Use a short time to do The miraDry will start by measuring the size of the sweat glands. Draw a pattern to determine the position that must be shot in the anesthetic and then shoot at all points and complete on both sides. All of this takes only less than a half hour.
  • No need to prepare in advance. miraDry looks like a laser treatment for freckles on the face. Is walking in and receiving treatment No need to refrain from drugs, refrain from food or other things like surgery.
  • Give permanent results Actually, in addition to miraDry and surgery There are other ways to solve the problem of sweat and body odor, such as the injection of Botox in the armpit. Which is also an easy way But did not give permanent results Still have to return to inject it repeatedly At the end of the time Most will be about 8 months or less. Therefore, if measured at permanent results, miraDry is the easiest way now.
  • It is safe Since there is no wound or anesthesia, it can cut off the side effects that may be caused by those things.
  • Can live normally as soon as it is done In addition to the simple process After doing, even though there is a slight swollen armpit but can use everyday life as usual Do not be careful or have special restrictions.

Preparation before making miraDry

Shave the hair before doing 3-4 days in advance.

Practice after doing miraDry

  • Cold compress during the first 24 hours
  • Refrain from playing sports Or exercise in the first period after doing about 7 days
  • No use of rollers or roll-ons during the first 7 days or may be abstained at all.

Side effects caused by miraDry

Doing miraDry has no side effects that cause serious harm, besides having swelling caused by anesthetic injection and being exposed to heat waves to destroy sweat glands and scent glands

Recovery time

Can return to normal life immediately by strictly following the doctor’s instructions. The swelling will gradually disappear within 1 month.

How many times should the miraDry be done?

Depends on patient satisfaction Due to 1 time miraDry, 50-90% of the problems can be solved, depending on the individual.
In most cases, patients will do no more than 2 times and are satisfied with the results. Except in some cases, there are a few that may have to do more than 2 times.