OUR PACKAGES - My Beauty Trip Thailand
OUR PACKAGES - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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We have luxury plastic surgery packages for both Bangkok and Phuket, two very popular tourist destinations in Thailand with lots to see and do and wonderful places to relax and recuperate. And our clinics in both locations are world-class.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand – a vibrant, cosmopolitan city of temples, palaces, markets, nightlife, and some of the world’s best street food. Phuket is an island, a more laid-back place with white sandy beaches, gorgeous scenic vistas and crystal-clear waters. Depending on your procedure, we may recommend one city or the other, or you may have your choice of either.

Since we’re based in Thailand, we can take care of all aspects of your stay. All our packages include airport pickup as well as hotel accommodation, with your surgery penciled in. Our English-speaking Personal Attendant will be on hand to take care of all your needs, and they’ll be contactable 24 hours a day via a mobile phone that we’ll provide for you. We can even help you book your flights.

And while you’re here, you’ll certainly want to enjoy as much of Thailand as possible. We’ll help make sure of that too, with our personalized travel guide. We’ll direct you to the best bars, beaches, restaurants, activities, cultural and historical sites near you – catered specifically to your travel tastes.

As for our prices, with the much lower cost of living here, we think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised. And don’t forget – all our packages are for two. Which means that while you go for your surgery, you’ll always have a loved one by your side. And when you explore Thailand, you’ll always have your holiday buddy to enjoy it with too.

Note: Travel costs may vary depending on the time of year. Our package prices are based on low season costs (from May to November in Thailand), hence prices may be higher during other periods. Please contact us for a full and accurate quote.

Phuket is an island with gorgeous beaches, clear blue seas and stunning views. Bangkok is an exotic, cosmopolitan city with temples, palaces, markets, great restaurants and delicious street food. Either would be the perfect place to recuperate from your cosmetic surgery in 5-star luxury while you enjoy the holiday of your life.