NEW Bright Smile 16 Veneers Bangkok - My Beauty Trip Thailand
NEW Bright Smile 16 Veneers Bangkok - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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NEW Bright Smile 16 Veneers Bangkok

NEW Bright Smile 16 Veneers Bangkok

Package (Excl. hotel) 138,000 THB $6,797

Packages Bangkok

✓ 16 High Quality Empress porcelain 16 Veneers
✓ 3-4 visits to the dentist
✓ Experienced Dentist
• We are happy to quote you for accommodation.
• Flight ticket not included.

• This procedure will take approximately 7 days including recovery time, and can correct small imperfections such as spacing, color and crooked teeth.
• The procedure involves grinding the teeth for approximately 1mm, following which our dentist will take an impression for the laboratory to make your new veneers. You will then be given interim veneers on your teeth.

• You can also select the color of your “new teeth”. On your second visit the new porcelain veneers will be applied to your teeth. You may be required to come for a follow up visit after the second visit in order to check on your recovery.

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