Payments - My Beauty Trip Thailand
Payments - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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We have two options for payment available for you – you may choose to pay before your departure, or upon your first consultation at the clinic or hospital.

Payment upon consultation

If you are paying by credit card, please ensure your card has sufficient funds to pay the amount. Please also remember to inform your bank that you will be travelling to Thailand and that you will be making this payment on the date of your consultation. This is to ensure that your bank do not block the payment on suspicion of fraud. Payment must be made in Thai baht via cash or credit card, with an additional 3% commission for the local bank.

Please note that the currency exchange rate is likely to have changed from our first quote. This is why most of our clients prefer to pay in advance in order to lock in the exchange rate.

Payment before departure

For convenience and cost savings, we recommend payment in advance via wire or direct deposit. You can do it on the internet from home, and you avoid credit card fees as well as unnecessary stress before your surgery. Just let your consultant know 14 days in advance of your arrival in Thailand, and we will send you our account information. You will then receive a receipt with your name, your surgeon and your date of surgery. Also, all payments are refundable minus 20% administration costs.


If you have paid in advance and wish to change your procedure, let us know and we will arrange to provide you with new options.