Packages Phuket - My Beauty Trip Thailand
Packages Phuket - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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Packages Phuket


Phuket is one of Thailand’s top holiday destinations – a bustling holiday island that welcomes millions of visitors every year. You’ll find no better choice of place to recover from your cosmetic procedure while also having a terrific holiday.

Located to the south of Thailand, Phuket comprises the country’s largest island as well as 32 smaller islands off its coast. It’s accessible via Phuket International Airport as well as a bridge to the mainland. The island has a rich history, having been a trading port for ships from as far as Portugal since the 14th century.

Phuket’s international cuisine is another major attraction, with restaurants catering to tourists from almost every country imaginable. Last but not least, shopaholics can indulge to their hearts’ content at local food markets, night markets, street stalls, specialist stores and upscale shopping complexes.

But just because Phuket is a holiday island doesn’t mean you won’t find excellent hospitals and clinics here. In fact, many of the world’s best cosmetic surgery professionals are based here specifically because it’s one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations. And it is these top doctors and surgeons who’ll be performing your procedure for you. Our hospitals are accredited with the internationally-recognized JCI standard, on par with any medical institution in your country. After all, our prices may not be the lowest, but that’s because our standards of quality are the highest.

For instance, we’ll have a Personal Attendant assigned to you, with a nursing background and full knowledge of your chosen procedure. They’ll be well-versed in English, so they’ll have no trouble advising you on your recovery, answering any of your questions, even booking additional procedures for you should you wish. And they’re Phuket residents, hence they’re the perfect person to help you arrange tours, find a great dining spot, do some shopping, and otherwise enjoy your stay to the fullest.

After all, we fully understand how apprehensive you might be about having a medical procedure in a foreign country. That’s why our friendly doctors, nurses and staff are all dedicated to easing your worries and serving your needs. Even your Personal Attendant will be on call 24 hours a day on a mobile phone specially provided to you for calling them. We wouldn’t give you any less. And everything in English.

Note: Travel costs may vary depending on the time of year. Our package prices are based on low season costs (from May to November in Thailand), hence prices may be higher during other periods. Please contact us for a full and accurate quote.