Our Luxury Procedures - My Beauty Trip Thailand
Our Luxury Procedures - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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Why Thailand?

Your cosmetic surgery procedure will be much more affordable in Thailand, due to the currency exchange rate and lower cost of living. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting lower quality. In fact, the skill and talent of Thai cosmetic surgeons could be even higher than those in your country. And the materials and technology we use are no less than world-class.

Our doctors and experts have over 50 collective years of experience to offer, with many holding professional qualifications from the US, UK and South Korea. And our full-service packages include a Personal Attendant on call 24 hours a day to assist you throughout your stay and recovery period.

It’s no wonder then that Thailand has become the world’s leading destination for plastic and cosmetic medical tourism, with 60% of all cosmetic surgery patients coming from other countries. And with the great currency exchange rates, you could also go for other treatments such as spas, massages and facials. Your Personal Attendant can help you with all the arrangements while you’re on holiday.

Tell Us About You

The following are general guides to the most common cosmetic procedures only, from breast implants to rhinoplasty. You can read up on the procedures that interest you, but more personal information pertaining to your needs will be given to you following a personal assessment by our doctors. Alternatively, get a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE today upon answering our questionnaire, and we’ll start getting in touch with you about how to book your procedure along with your dream holiday in Thailand.