Reviews - My Beauty Trip Thailand
Reviews - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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“It was recommended from a friend who was a former patient. They were great! Very efficient with their responses to my queries and answered my questions very quickly! The place is very comfortable and calming. Staff were very friendly and helpful. I went for the miraDry procedure, the doctor explained everything including side effects. I made the right choice with this clinic!”


Eliane L., Singapore

“Highly recommended. The room & facilities are very clean and pleasant. Doctors, nurses and staff have all been kind and polite. Treated well and respectfully and had everything clearly explained throughout the procedure. They explained what was happening throughout and I was treated with compassion and cheerfulness.


Metika T., Thailand

“I can’t say enough good things about this clinic. I had read all the good reviews but sometimes you can’t trust them. But as someone who has no other agenda, I can say, without reservation, that the doctors and facilities here are absolutely superb. Immaculate, attentive, and relaxed.


My consultation with the doctor was so thorough and he gave me so much information and so many options that I couldn’t be more delighted. He even suggested that I take a few months to decide what I might want to do so there was no pressure.


I’ve been coming to Bangkok every year for 16 years and I’ve been to many different hospitals and clinics and this is by far the best one I’ve found. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else in future.”


David W., UK

“I did my miraDry treatment here, great service and friendly staff.  I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is embarrassed about underarm sweat.”


Romesh E.H., India

“I found it all very professional, friendly and reasonably priced. I will definitely recommend this clinic to my friends in my country!”


Benjamin A., India

“The service was amazing. Dr. Suthipong Treeratana was super kind and very informative about the procedure. Strongly recommended.”


Cassandra N., Singapore

“A lot cheaper than Australia and easy to find.”


Michael G., Australia

“The doctor was very kind, very friendly, so was everyone here. Good advice, great service, clean clinic. I felt safe throughout. The service was very good. My procedure to remove armpit hair didn’t hurt at all.”


Kai P., Thailand

“Very professional team and the best service. Doctor’s recommendations were very detailed. Nurses and staff took very good care of me. They informed me of all the pros and cons, did not focus only on selling the procedure, showed concern for my safety and for getting the best results for me.”


Nate S., Thailand

“For liposuction, I highly recommend this clinic. Good quality, good price, good doctors. No bruises, no swelling, clean premises, very polite staff. Friendly and reliable. Recommended.”


Khamloi S., Thailand

“For miraDry, the price was affordable, and there was no pain. Recommended!”


Nicky S., Japan

“I’m impressed. The doctor was very thoughtful and gave advice very well. Nurses also took very good care of me.”


Jao Y., China

“Doctor was very thoughtful and took care of me very well. I am very impressed. Liposuction almost didn’t hurt at all. Thank you doctor and all the staff.”


Punyanee W.,USA