Step by step guide - My Beauty Trip Thailand
Step by step guide - My Beauty Trip Thailand
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Step by step guide

Taking a trip overseas is a big decision. Going overseas for a cosmetic surgery procedure, even more so. But just follow these 3 easy steps, and you’ll be ready for your makeover holiday in no time.

Step 1: Complete the quote

Our online consultation involves you uploading photos of the area you want to perform a procedure on. Our surgeons will then email you their assessment, which may be a different recommendation from what you initially requested.

If you agree with this recommendation, then you will complete a basic medical test which will sent via encryption to your surgeon. Upon which, we will send you our quote and prompt you to reserve a surgery date.

Step 2: Reserving your surgery date

If your preferred surgery date is available, you will reserve it with an online booking. We will then send you an invoice for 10% of the total cost, which you will pay at least 30 days prior to departure. We will be in constant touch with you as your surgery date approaches.

At this point, you can also take our travel guide questionnaire, which will allow us to prepare a personalized travel guide for you with places and activities tailored to your interests.

Step 3: Completing your booking

We will also require your flight information, so please return to our online booking form once you’ve made your flight arrangements.

Once we’ve received that, we will send you your personalized travel guide along with all other information you’ll need regarding your surgery and your stay.